Card Games for Adults looks forward to having a strong bond with its customers by being clear and transparent regarding all the terms and conditions. The following terms and conditions will remain in effect for all while using the company website. Here are some important times of services you should be aware of.

User Eligibility and Authentic Use

Users that visit our website must be human. Robot accounts will not be allowed to leave comments or make any significant contribution to an activity displayed on the site. Users must be over the age of 13 or can navigate the site under adult supervision.

No user is authorized to misuse the content available on our page. The website is authentic and should not be modified or hacked under any circumstances.

User Interaction

Users coming in contact with other users via comments using ill language will be permanently blocked from the website. They are fully responsible for everything that they post in the comment section. Negative, discouraging, and inappropriate content will lead to taking away the right to post additional comments.

All the comments, along with additional content, will be monitored by the team of Card for Adults. Comments that depict spam, defamation, attacks, and offensive material will be removed immediately.

Contact Information

Our contact information is available on our website to get valuable feedback and relevant communication between our team and serious consumers. The contact information should not be misused in any way. Neither is any spamming allowed. The data is only available to communicate relevant data for the exchange of our products and services.


This is the crucial point that highlights how the company will not be held accountable neither will its agents, officers, employees, etc. against any issue arising due to its affiliation with Card Games for Adults. There will be no expense on the hands of a company resulting from litigation costs, suits, losses, judgments, or any attorney fee.