Do you remember about the old solitaire card game on the old window version? No doubt, it was great fun because it was to play when you need quick fresh of yourself with the spending few extra minutes. These games made your day a bit easier while working hard.

All of this fun is still on a window, but the entire world has become digital, therefore more users have come to smartphones for their daily needs. But all these smart gadgets don’t have the collection of the solitaire card game by default like the window platform.

To fetch a solitaire game, you need to visit the Google play store and then download your favorite game solitaire app for android gadgets. But solitaire is available with different variations. Some game versions have enhanced their graphics, additional features, and even some are fast-paced.

Therefore, it is a bit difficult to stick with one for fun. So, accessing the best solitaire card games free, you need to stick to our guidelines to get more enjoyment in your spare time.

How To Play Solitaire Card Games?

There are 52 cards for one player, and the main purpose of this game is to release cards by building a pile of numbers in sequence. There is seven deal in which cards make a pile with one card face up and others are face down. In the playing process, there are three ways to card move.

First, make pair of color cards and on top, you will adjust a higher number. Second, for foundation piles, a king will come up and an ace will complete this entire pile. Third, get help from the deck and receive a card. Revealing cards in best solitaire card games can be at the first time or even more time for a challenging game.

Continue the entire process in three different ways to make a pile. Or there will be more moves, and you will get lost.

This Game has Two Major Rules;

  • One pile can move in any direction, but the only king will lie on the top of the game.
  • Second, the card will only move from the downside if necessary.

Buyers Guide for a Solitaire Card Game

A solitaire card game is one of the popular parts of the window. It was the first time released for window 3.0 and even continue with window 10 as well. However, the latest version of this card game is free along with numerous other card games.

But to unlock additional features, and to block advertisement, you need to pay for a subscription solitaire card game online. Although bringing back process is easy it has a simple hurdle to remove. You need to approach Windows XP installation to run this game.

Well, you can download a file via numerous sources, but it would be better to fetch it from the file of your previous computer. In case of no Windows XP system, you need a virtual machine to get these files.

1. Solitaire – Best Free Classic Solitaire Card Games

 Free Classic Solitaire Card Games

Solitaire is a challenging, addicting, and most important free classic game for those avid gamers who are card lovers. Besides, this card game is fully loaded with fun. Moreover, hard mode is more challenging for yourself, and your every achievement is recorded. And the best part of this board game is you can go offline with random mode.

Best Features

  • User friendly
  • Daily challenges
  • States tracker
  • Original classic game


  • Fun game
  • Great therapy
  • Keep active your brain
  • The picture’s background is attractive


  • Too many ads
  • Loud music

2. Solitaire Grand Harvest – Best Free Tripeaks Card Game

Solitaire Grand Harvest

Ready to take a big break because it’s time for the solitaire grand harvest because more challenges are waiting for you with great fun. Now enjoy advanced features, boosters, credits, and many goodies. Play solitaire card games with your friends because it is a stress-free game. You can enjoy it with a free trial pack, but you need to pay for up level. There is great enhancement with the bug fixes.

Best Features

  • 75 incredible new levels
  • Happy harvesting
  • Free coins and solitaire
  • Extra cards for extra harvest


  • Fun game
  • Grand harvest
  • Bug fixes
  • Great anticipation


  • More pricy
  • No free mode for a deeper level

3. Solitaire Games for Kids – Best Solitaire Card Games

Solitaire Games for Kids

This is a free solitaire card game for android, and you would love to play this game if you are a window solitaire. Besides, you will get the best solitaire experience because of clean graphics and intuitive control. Now dragging and dropping the card is so easy just with tapping cards which were not simple before. The game is optimized for all kinds of digital devices from smallest to largest devices.

Best Features

  • Ideal for window solitaire gamers
  • Amazing initiative gameplay
  • Incredible graphics
  • Free


  • Great enjoyment
  • Error fixes
  • Easy to play
  • Great time pass


  • A sound effect is problematic
  • Too many ads run

4. Solitaire (Classic Card Game) – Best Solitaire Card Games

Solitaire (Classic Card Game)

This game is the update of the latest version of the solitaire app. Therefore, it is a straightforward version with no spare fluff. This classic solitaire card games are one of the best activities to train your brain because this classic game of card version will make you active. The gameplay is simple and creative with a well-defined design so that nothing can hurdle your interest.

Best Features

  • Various undo
  • Easy card read
  • Easy handle for both right and left-handed
  • Autosave


  • Easy to play
  • Daily challenges
  • Fun and reducing stress
  • Incredible card game with good price
  • Play for many hours


  • Ads make frustrate
  • No more advanced addition

5. Solitaire Cruise Game: Best Classic Tripeaks Card Games

Solitaire Cruise Game

Get a solitaire cruise game and be ready to enjoy Tripeak’s journey because you are going to get the sea voyage experience. Various sites are waiting for you from historical sites to modern architecture to the natural landscape. Relax with free mode because it is more challenging and interesting to play.  Polish design and clean cards will make you addicted because this card game is full of excitement and a fun experience.

Best Features

  • More challenging and various events in a solitaire card game
  • Taste all venues
  • Fun with interesting graphics
  • Several mechanics with bonuses
  • Make own reward


  • Fun game
  • Easy to play
  • Amazing graphics
  • More entertaining and keep your brain active


  • Moderate fun
  • Easy to play bit little pricy for up level

6. Solitaire Tour: Best Classic Tripeaks Card Games

Classic Tripeaks Card Games

The solitaire tour is an easy to play and fun game. Besides, this game has immense levels from ancient to modern and all offer you wonderful fun experience. Get extra points and achieve special things to travel in the solitaire tour. Joker, undo, and additional slots support endless enjoyment.

The free mod has more challenging in its way. Although the game is free to play, you need to unlock optional bonuses through in-app buying in the game. Besides, this game is available in various languages. So, you can enjoy it in your native language.

Best Features

  • 742 addictive level
  • 17 striking locations to travel
  • For collecting cards, pass out five types of hurdles
  • Regular updates are free with striking features, locations, and levels


  • Awesome game
  • Keep brain active
  • Striking features like other series
  • Rich sound with excellent graphics


  • Medium level of attraction
  • Little pricy for some users


  • What is a free app for Solitaire?

Although the ideal app is cards that are easy to interact with for all digital devices. Besides, the most necessary features are to start a new game, undo, track for a total move if you become stuck at any point.

  • What is the Best Solitaire Game?

Although there is no ideal because it depends on an individual choice of what to choose. But classic solitaire is the well-known version, then a spider, and then FreeCell. Besides, solitaire games need playing cards which is ideal for one player.

  • Is the Solitaire Card Game Best for the Brain?

True, and there are various advantages brain related to play this game. This is because you learn the different strategy and it makes you decision making. For instance, there are different times when you move cards, and it teaches you how to play forward and backward.

Mental alertness is essential for the proper function of the brain. And for a constant challenge, you need to keep strong and active of your brain. You need perfect decision-making to win solitaire, and in this situation, you are enhancing brain health.

  • How to Download the Solitaire Card Game on Your Computer?

There is no download version because the solitaire card game can get through an internet connection. It means you need to get this game when your device is connected to the internet. Besides, there is a save option in this game. Therefore, you can start where you left.

  • What trick should use to win a Solitaire Game?

Well, because of the variation and complexity of the game, it is a bit to give the exact answer. If you have an idea about cards and know the exact position of cards, winning chances can increase. But if you have no idea about cards, the probability of success can decrease.

Bottom Line

So, all these are the best solitaire card game to play and enjoy most. But it’s all up to you what to choose for whatever reason. Although all these things don’t matter when you plan to play because you are playing a true card game.