No doubt the hearts card game is easy to play, but there is still plenty of space for great strategy as well. Well, it is recommended for four players, and every player plays individually. Besides, it has 52 standards cards set. In a four-game playset, 13 cards are individually distributed to every player. If any player has 2 clubs, he would start to take a start, and the queen may lead at any time. 


Well, all the set of war card games is evenly distributed, and every player gets 26 cards at a time. Any player can start this deal, and every player has to kept face down their cards while playing this game. In case of cards have the same rank, they belong to war, and in this situation, every player will turn one card face up and one card down.

But if a player has high cards, he can get both piles of six cards. And if in the second round, again the same rank has faced, the same method will repeat. And the winner player who has a higher card would get 10 cards, and the same process will carry on. Besides, the winning player should have all 52 cards to win.

Top 6 Games List with Best Reviews:

Below here is the list of the top 6 best card games for you, and you can just explore for yourself because each has its own pros and cons. And you need to pick one that can suit you.

1- Happy Little Dinosaurs Base Game

Well, with this game, you would get feelings like dinosaurs, and you with your team are just trying to escape the deteriorating and dropping down meteors. Besides, in dinosaur’s games, you try to loophole from the life of small tragedies. However, you can have stuck in the hot lava because of your teammate. And the most interesting thing is that game is won by that little dino who can survive in this severe situation.

You are supposed to be a dinosaur, and in your entire life, you have to face a lot of problems like in the real world. And if you are one of them who supposed that their life is tougher, buckle up you are ready to enter this dangerous game zone. The world of dino is completely equipped with killer squirrels and a lot of tar pits. But the main objective is to protect all small dinosaurs and you need to be in the first rank to get 50 points. Although, you can get these scores if you are in the last but in that situation if your all teammates are no more alive.

Best Features:

  • Players limit for 2 to 4
  • Playtime limit is about 30 to 60 minutes
  • Best age is +8
  • A pack of 97 cards, I rulebook, 4 dinosaurs meeples, and 4 dinosaur player boards
  • With the expansion of 5 to 6 players


  • Strategic Game
  • Inexpensive and cartoony artwork
  • Simple rules to learn


  • Little silly and tensed
  • Hard luck to get all cards

2-  SET Enterprises Five Crowns Card Game

Five Crown is a card game base on the rummy variant which has a set of wild cards. Besides, this game has 11 rounds and cannot end the game without the king going wild card games for adults with a deck of cards. So, basically, this game is playing with the cards of a double-check, and it has 5 suits rather than the typical 4 suits. Besides, aces and 2’s are out of the deck including the joker card.

Now the main objective of this game is to achieve few points in every round. And the interesting thing is that no one can play other cards like others same games base. At the end of each round, whatever cards have left in your hand, these are your points. Although this game has a minimal strategy, therefore, avoid throwing wild. The significant thing about this game is to avail of maximum wilds and it all depends on your luck. 

Best Features:

  • Giftable
  • Value of your cash
  • Customer support
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Packaging
  • Age recommendation
  • Convenience


  • Easy to play
  • Most satisfied for both casual and passionate players
  • Ideal cost
  • Cards appearance is fine


  • Cards quality is poor because easily mess up after a few game’s shuffling
  • Thin card stock

3-  Winning Moves RACK-O, Retro Package Card Game

Of fun-filled game and originally was on the scene in 1956. Well, it was the new edition of super quality cards with clear bold numbers. And the amazing thing about that game was for all generations mean new card games for adults as well.

Every player gets 10 cards in order, and cards are exchanged when you get your turn. To become a winner, every player must have ten cards even he has a low card with slot #5 or a high card with slot #50. The Rack-O move has 75 points. Every 10 cards have 5 points in its rack and get 25 points from Rack-O. Simple sound but need great skill to win, and just one card may click to win.

Best Features: 

  • 60 cards in Rack-O cards
  • Plastic racks with good instructions
  • 2 to 4 players
  • Age +8


  • Family Game
  • Fun-filled Game
  • Easy to Learn and Play
  • Highly Recommended
  • Super Fun
  • Racko Game
  • Plastic enhancement 


  • Printed numbers on cards are indented poorly
  • Little annoying

4- Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition • The Actual, Real, Official Family Edition of CAH

The family edition is one of the same party games as others editions, but it is acceptable for both generation kids and adults as well. Cards against humanity are questioned card games for adults.

Basically in each round, one player picks one black card and asks a question and everyone who belongs to white cards has to give the funniest answers.

Therefore, it is not pure adult stuff and thousands of families have tested this game. Be tension-free because there is no more harmful adult content. Besides, it has 600 cards just filling toilet humor like “ A cloud that rains diarrhea”. If you like such kind of content while playing, go ahead, the game is ready for you.

But some cards are not suitable for children in Cards Against Humanity, and the company claims for up to 8 years’ child. On the other hand, cards are not quite adult-like other regular games. Some are funny, creative, and some are absurd stuff. Therefore, due to the presence of some dirty side of this card game, this game is not suitable for children regarding dirty cards. But to spend spare time and if you have no other fun, you can say you can deal with this fun and little dirty game.

Best Features:

  • Recommended for the whole family
  • Children up to 8 years
  • No harmful adult content


  • Family Game
  • Family edition
  • Poop jokes
  • Adult version
  • Humor is not disgusting


  • Not too much funny
  • Some cards portion are not family-friendly

5- Monopoly Deal Card Game (Amazon Exclusive)

Well, this game version is the same as Monopoly but with some rules changing, and these rules depend on whom you are playing. But Monopoly deal is the structured version but hassle-free while playing card games for adults. Although it has the same base as a tabletop play but not including any family member.

Besides, it is fast and more focused, and therefore, no inconsistency is allowed between games. Moreover, while the gaming phase is in your turn, you need to get three complete sets of features like money, action, and property cards. The entire version of the game is very fast-paced, and at any last moment, you can face victory or defeat.

Due to long timing, it can boil down your patience but is addictive as well. But the overall game is easy to play, and you don’t need such commitment level as it needs in Monopoly. Therefore, it is easy to lose engagement, and players need to focus when they are playing the action version.

Best Features:

  • No massive players
  • Replayability
  • Component quality
  • Fast with great fun
  • Normal player interaction


  • Easy to learn for new players
  • Quick playing mode
  • Table management tools


  • Overall theme
  • Rules are super simple
  • Less interaction level

6- Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

If you are looking for a card game with an unexpected twist, Taco cat Goat cheese pizza is for you. It is not wrong to say its tongue twister because it is the mixing of words communicating with a pairing game. Well, it is super interested in kids but can keep engaged to the target card games for adults as well.

Although it is appropriate for up to 8 to 100 years aged people. But some reviewers are said that with the proper help of adults even 5 years’ kids can participate in this game. This is a fast-paced game, but you need to keep in a moderate position. However, the overall game structure is very simple and the entire setup is playing between 2 to 8 players. And the winner can eliminate his all cards first.

Best Features:

  • 4.8/5 rate on Amazon
  • Recommended age between 8 to 100
  • 2 to 8 players


  • Easy to learn even five-year age child can learn
  • Fun and fast-paced game
  • Kids and adults
  • Super fun
  • A lot of fun game


  • Can hurt with the slapping
  • No fast reactive, easy to loose