Since the ancient civilization, dice were discovered for prediction in early history. Besides, they stimulate us with mythical stories, histories, and their development which has reproduced a lot of boar games. But they didn’t affect their simplicity. Therefore, due to the constant history, they are important fixtures of many houses. All of them have got dice games with simplicity, and the fun never goes away while playing. 

So, before planning your final decision to purchase Dice Games, read below some games that are from the incredible selection of games. In any game, the most suggestable factors are age and the number of children who can play. Besides, all games are listed with the best features and all pros and cons of that game. All of them have a wide variety of playing options that fulfill your preferences and needs. There is a compact model with great tips for outdoor setup. 

Products descriptions have been written after getting personal experience and even reviews from a lot of users. First of all, you need to consider buying guide and look at key features in-depth and then decide which is most suitable for you. 

Top Best 5 Most Wanted Dice Games for Adults

1. 4 Player Shut the Box (TM) Dice Game

No doubt, 4 players shut the box is a family game ad even it can play all-ages groups because it is filled with light entertainment. Besides, this game is a perfect game box for initial addition learning. First of all, the player has to roll the dice, increase their value and then keep the tiles at their correct place with the sum. Well, the game has simple but engaged rules by calculating addition while playing this game with family and friends.

While the recommended players for this game are four but multiple players can also play. This is one of the best dice games for kids in the classroom. If just look at the background of this game, in beginning, the game was played by the fishermen when they have to spend long days in the sea. But gambling is not allowed in this game.

This is because shut the box is made for several hours’ fun no matter where you are. Another factor of the board games is that you can learn social services like tolerance, sharing, enjoying interactions, verbal communication, and many others. The game has a feature to attract players and make fun with this game for many hours. Besides, the learning factor is the best feature of this game. Well, the game is made with good quality supportable material with fine details.

If you use this game with care, it can pass to the next generation as well. Besides, it is the basic foundation for the children who are facing some problems in addition. And this is one of the difficult challenges for the children in their learning sessions. While the playing area of this game is velveteen, and it is also the underside of the board for the safety of the tabletop from scratches.

Best Features

  • Best for 2 to 4 players
  • Supreme quality wooden construction
  • The playing area is covered with Velveteen
  • Total 8 dice with green, blue, red, and black
  • Game instructions


  • Best family game
  • Learning math skills features
  • Great fun for kids along with learning
  • Fun for all age group


  • Need little improvement in quality side

2. Lcr® Left Center Right™ Dice Game – Blue Tin

While it is a fun dice game but a little different in playing than other typical dice games. And this is one of the dice games that don’t lose interest while playing. Besides, the game has 3 marked dice, complete instructions, and 24 playing chips. The players have to roll the dice to pass their chips. The last player will be the winner along with chips, and he will win the center pot. In this game, your life is filled with a lot of things like light food cereal too yummy chocolates, football to beautiful flowers because they are in logo form. Basically, the logo is a game, and it is to test the knowledge of the user. Undoubtedly, you will discover surprising facts, and therefore, your family will find great entertainment and fun.

Best Features

  • 24 playing chips for playing
  • Instructions
  • 3 special marked LCR dice
  • 3 or more players


  • Great game to play for all age groups of a family member
  • Simple and exciting
  • Full of entertainment
  • Presentable


  • Fun demands more people
  • No thought process

3. TENZI Dice Party Game – Dice Games for Kids

Unbelievably, tenzi dice game is the fastest dice game in the world, and it is filled full of fun, engaging, and fast. Besides, it is super ideal for the players who are getting awareness about tabletop. In this game, each player gets 10 dice. Well, the main function of this game is that every player has to roll the dice in a fast process. When the player gets all same number dice, he yells TENZI and wins the game. The good thing is this game is easy to learn and accessible for everyone. Simple but great engagement.

While the game is fantastic for the 2-4 players and it is completely fun for multigenerational. Full of fun and best for social gatherings. The most suggestible age to play this is more than 7 years old. Dice colors can be different in every game box. It is not suitable for three years old child because the game has small dice pieces. It is a fast fun game because very quickly you have to roll the dice for a fast reaction and easy to learn.

When you roll 10 dice at a time, it creates a lot of fun for the entire family. A perfect family game and can play at birthdays parties or play before bed. Besides, it is the base of learning for the kids who are recognizing different colors and numbers. Team building feature is the main part of this game. There are 4 sets of 10 colorful dice and instruction cards to teaches you to play in nine different ways. But dice colors may be different in every game set. Therefore, ideal to play between 2-4 players for great fun.

Best Features

  • 4 sets of 1o dice of different colors
  • Instructions with 9 different techniques to play
  • Fast spaced game


  • Best for social gathering
  • Best fun game for 2-4 players
  • Presentable for kids
  • A lot of fun to play


  • The colors are a bit of disappointment
  • A little boring for elders

4. George and Company GEO0723 LCR (R) Wild Dice Game

The LCR Wild Dice game has kept the general concept of the original game by passing chips, but it has a great twist. Players can get an opportunity to select their moves to create better ways to win. Besides, the dice are customized and larger in this new game version. Each game set contains chips, dice, and an instruction set of dice game rules in a colored tin. Wild game has emerged with great excitement and twist which provides a chance to players to pick the desired move. Besides, it is a fill of engagement feature that you cannot leave this game without finishing it. Best entertainment game for the entire family because it can make you a little wild.

Best Features

  • 15 minute playing time
  • More than 3 players for more than 3 years’ child
  • Tin material box


  • Super easy and fun for the entire family
  • Little enhanced version
  • Best game for a family gathering
  • Exciting twist


  • Little pricy
  • No choice for strategy or skill

5. Catan Dice Game – Dice Games for Kids

Catan Dice game is a classic board game, and with the help of a simple dice game, you can get the experience of Catan world. It is super easy to play. Besides, it is full of fun with normal instruction to explore the Catan. Furthermore, it is a fast-paced game, and you can go anywhere at any time. The game box has a pad as a Catan map, therefore you can play with different scenarios mean to explore and then settle Catan. Everything is in your hands. Two maps can exchange by the players. Roll dice, face risk, and get a victory. So, be ready to face all challenges and explore a fresh way for the mater Catan.

Best Features

  • High-quality, 6 colorful embossed plastic dice
  • Pad of Catan maps along with tracking scores
  • Games instruction
  • I to 4 players


  • Great fun game even if you have no friend
  • Easy to learn
  • Colorful map sheet
  • Require extra turns to finish a game


  • Cheap packaging
  • Poor graphics

Considerable Things

Although the best dice games are available with different gameplay, designs, and playing choices with a different number of players. Besides, they made for different age groups and skills according to keep in mind different references. Therefore, there are reviewed most significant features that you must consider before reaching a final decision. 

Which Dice Game Suits Your Taste?

While dice games are different kinds with unique playing styles and even score processes as well. All these are simple to roll the dice and achieve scores. Some strategic games depend on your decision because they are played with some logic. Besides, there are some fast spaced games like TENZI which can only win through pairing ten dice with the same number in a short period.  

Simple dice drafting and scoring games are mostly designed for families. This is because all games are luck base therefore, you need to adjust players of different skills. Besides, you must give the chance of every player to win their chance. However, strategic games are complicated because you need to depend on more skills and even luck as well. Besides, the fast spaced games give fast entertainment that is more convenient in your busiest schedule.  

Considered Features Before Purchasing Dice Games

Below here are the most important things you must consider before finding the best dice game for your family and friend. 

  • Suggestable Age

When you are considering the best dice game for your family, you need to consider the age of the manufacturer. In this way, you can make sure, which is more suitable for the required player. This is necessary because every model has a different storyline, complexity, gameplay, and size which attract different users. For example, some gameplay has miniature settings, which means they are perfect for young children. This is because this miniature style will attract little kids due to trendy themes. Some gameplay comes with different strategies and game options that are suitable for more than five-year children. 

  • A Number of Players

Different games in the games market are planned to play a different number of players. But most dice games are suitable to play between 3 to 8 players. 

  • Included Things

All dice games have a different number of items and game sets which vary from model to model according to gameplay. But every dice games have simple cards, dice, and even sometimes a solid sheet well. Besides, in the case of strategic games, they have different kinds of elements according to advanced gameplay. When you are buying a game, browse that game first and then look at its all components in the package. So that you are well aware of what are you buying and what things you can get from the package. 

  • Additional Features

Weight and dimension of buying dice game is essential factor particularly if you are buying for your traveling. If a game has customized options to play, it would be one of the drafting games that is also mentioned in the list. Well, the dice games have energetic gameplay with different strategies and roles. Some games have an expansion pack if you have more players to play and can increase roles.

How To Play A 10000 Dice Game?

10,000 is commercially called Farkle dice game is a fun-busting game where the player has an objective to wing 10000 points. Well, it is an absorbing game for at least more than players with the help of 6 dice. A score sheet is also available with this dice game because plenty of variations are available in this game. While the basic version is followed by series of extra instructions with the basic variation. But it’s up to you what to choose to play. When you get your turn to roll the dice and try to get winning combinations because it will allow you to earn points. Keep a record on the score sheet when you start to roll the dice and check out who will win the game. 

Start to Play

Every player will take his turn and roll the dice, and you must keep aside one scoring die like 1s, 5s, or run of 6. On their turns, they will continuously roll the rest of the dice. After each throwing, they will keep aside combination. Besides, every player declares a progressive score before getting a new turn or after every roll. 

The turns of players will end when either they plan to stop and get their gathered points. Or they have scoreless because they didn’t get any score while their turn. The Scoring combination will count whatever you made with a single throw according to 10000 dice game rules. For instance, a player rolls and keeps aside 1 and on two throws, he gets another 1. Now he might have 300 scores, not 1000.

When a player gets scores more than 10000 or just 10000, he wins the game. Provided that no player has turn left or no one is exceeding his points. Let’s clear this gameplay, a player roll at a time six dice. Now he gets the score with the order like 1,1,2,4,5,6. He can make scores with 1s and 5 to get 250 points and now roll other remaining dice to roll. The next turn comes up with 1,6,6,6, and he will get a total point of 900. After every six dice, the player plans to carry on his turn or want to roll all again. He will be unlucky if he rolls 2,3,3,4,6,6, he is scoreless and it means he has nothing to get a point in this turn. He has to pass the dice to the other player.

A player cannot get scores until he didn’t get 500 points the first time in any turn. A player can get three turns the first time if he throws dice and get scoreless points but lose 1000 points. On the other hand, if anyone rolls dice with a scoring point, the left dice will be thrown twice in one attempt in a 10000 dice game. In succeeding, the player may continue rolling with six dice. By doing this, he can receive 500 points. The bonus option will increase 500 points at every turn until the last dice will be rolled and attain scores in one turn. 

  • 2s or 4s can cancel the whole score of the player.
  • Six in a single throw will win the game out-and-out.
  • Sometimes 5000 targets are set for a shorter game period.

While this is a commercial version of the game ten thousand which played with five dice and three pairs can be set for the scoring category. Some states use 7 dice in their playing version. 

Bottom Line

Despite the advent of new technology, an invention of more complex machines, and great change in board games, dice games are still coming with different variations. Although they have completely changed from their ancestors, they have retained their simplicity.