No doubt dedicated card games are a cheap source of entertainment for many centuries. Every generation has grown up by playing specific card games in their ages. Besides, these games were so cheap that almost everyone can afford them to play. It is great fun that you would never worry about weird conversations while playing these games. 

But now this is a digital world that has changed the meaning of sun and entertainment. But still, there are card games lovers, and they are always in the search of new games with extra entertainment for a family gathering or even for any event. Now the worst competition has started among manufacturers, and they want to lead than others. 

But still, there are few card games are existed among crowded games that can attract users. Although it is hard to get one favorite there are dozens of games available with different variations and themes. In this post, below here have discussed few dedicated card games with their pros and cons, and even links from you can easily buy them.  

How To Play Card Games with A Deck of Cards?

Fine, you have a pretty deck for playing cards, but what now? You can store it safely on the shelf and then occasionally can take it out, remind, this is really yours. Of and on you get it out and to feel how to touch your hand this deck. But no sorry at all, because there is an amazing idea to use a deck for playing card games.

This is an ideal way to use the deck and make fun with the creative Deck Card Games. But the problem is that it is hard to decide which card game is suitable to play not once but many times. Some people are aware of some cards game, and they consider the best. On the other hand, some people consider wonderful the whole card world because continuously they explore and get fun.

No doubt when you take a step to enter the world of card games, countless card games welcome you. To remove your confusion, here is the list of some wonderful traditional card games, you can organize them alphabetically and roughly group according to gameplay. Besides, you can play with the entire family either they are kids or adults.

Moreover, every game is listed with a suitable number of players that are suitable to play. But it is worth considering that more games make fun with only two players. But the choice is in your hand because you have to make fun of.

1. Arkham Horror The Card Game

Arkham Horror is a card game with a deck of cards, and a maximum of three friends can play with two core sets. Choose characters of your choice because it depends on your talent that which character can play well. A card game is full of mystery because it is little difference between regular card games and get role play experience. Players are supposed to be investigators in each character with specific weaknesses and strengths.

Investigators are against challengers while adventure to come across decks. Besides, campaign rules provide you extra depth for your decision and enable you to make rank up of your deck. Besides, you will meet weird creatures and ghost houses. Therefore, your every action will give some wonderful adventure experience and you can prepare yourself with a better strategy. 

Best Features

  • Ideal for 2-4 players
  • Fantasy flight publishing
  • 14+ is an ideal age for this game


  • Fun game
  • The core game is expanded with 3 to 4 hours’ gameplay
  • Great justice with your investment


  • Little disappointed in-game model
  • Bit complex rules

2. Exploding Kittens Party – A Russian Roulette Card Game

Russian roulette has introduced a new version of exploding kittens party. It is the game that is most supported by Kickstarter. The games to play with a deck of cards have made the route for peacefulness in this modern world. Besides, this is the game for party occasions with friends and family. In the gameplay, all of them are revolved around explosions, kittens, laser beams, and even sometimes the goats as well.

Several million copies were sold, and there was a breaking record among kids, adults, and all age groups. This is one of the card games which is equally popular among all genders beyond age. And this is because it is perfect for all occasions even you are on a road trip, beach party, night events with family and friends.  

Best Feature

  • 7+ age is perfect for this game
  • 56 cards
  • 2 to 5 players
  • Featuring illustration art cards
  • Oatmeal creator


  • Fun game
  • Easy to play just within 2 minutes
  • Draw cards and never choose explode cards
  • User friendly


  • Some vulgar cards that are not good for kids
  • Humorless

3. Mattel Games UNO Minecraft Card Game

Welcome, in the land of a special version of UNO, Mattel games are the best version of Minecraft lovers. Resemblance to UNO, but in Minecraft, there are specific rules base on creeper card. While drawing cards, three cards will be drawn from other players from the pile. And the main objective is to remove all cards that you have grabbed.

The first player needs to win 500 points. As you will down, never ignore the yell of UNO. Every player is in the race of a drawn card in 2 deck card games. This game is a little different because of its rules. You need to pair the card with the card that is the deck and you can win points when your opponents have that card in their hand. 

Best Features

  • 12 cards with best guidelines
  • More than 7 years old can play
  • Decorations are different as per cards set
  • Best for 2 to 10 players


  • Easy to start but hard to down
  • Fantastic card game for Minecraft lovers
  • Pairing and sorting card game
  • Creeper card is a cool feature


  • Regular UNO including Minecraft pictures
  • Box quality is not satisfied

4. Unstable Unicorns Card Game

Well, this is one of the best strategic cards for kids, but it can ruin your friendship. Hold on don’t get it in the wrong sense. Besides, an unstable unicorn is from top projects of Kickstarter and has won the people’s Choice Award. Prepare unicorn Army and deceive your friends because unicorns are your best friends. So, this is a fully playable 2 deck card game.

Best Features

  • Up to 14+ is a good age
  • 2 to 8 players can play
  • 135 cards with a rule book


  • Fun game
  • More gameplay option
  • Challenging game
  • Keep busy to teens


  • Bit complex
  • Lack of family-friendly

5. DOS Card Game

DOS card game is a fun game, and more than players are playing easily. A pairing number is a king, and the game is started with two discard piles among players. In every turn, the player can discard either one or two cards from the pile. A player who gets 200 points is the winner of this game. This is an extremely exciting top deck card and game for 2 to 4 players, and every player has to waste all cards, and a special wild card has the potential to change the entire game scenario. 

Best Features

  • 112 cards with guidelines booklet
  • 2 to 4 players can play
  • 7+ kids and elders can play
  • Decorations and colors can vary from set to set


  • Short period to play
  • Make you good in math
  • UNO is a fun-loving game, but DOS is the opposite of this


  • Bad rule
  • Not justice with the investment

6. Play Nine – The Card Game of Golf!

Well, the main objective of the Play nine card games for adults with a deck of cards is to get the lowest score because, after nine holes, you can win with the lowest scores. There are five cards in one hole, and 12 are out of bounds. All players either are a golfer or not, they would like to play it. Generally, the entire time duration for this game is 20 minutes to 1 hour, but it mostly depends on the players how many are participating in a card game. Well, this card game is the best combination of strategy and luck. And these things keep on the fun and excitement in the game. Therefore, easier to learn and fee fun while playing it. 

Best Features

  • 108 cards including 2 deck cards
  • 2 to 6 players are enough to play
  • Recommended age is 8+
  • Scorecards with pencil
  • All levels of players can play


  • Fun and family game
  • Easy to learn all strategies
  • Fast-paced game
  • Enjoyable for the entire family


  • Extended time while playing
  • Little linked with luck


  • How to play solitaire card games?

Basically, you need to understand the main purpose of the game. It has four piles of cards, and every suit is arranged in ascending order because it starts from ace and ends at a king. Create a building layout and set each card above or below the piles.  

  • How do you play solitaire card games?

Well, learning the solitaire card game is pretty easy. At the start of the game, you need to arrange many cards with up to access your ultimate objective to transfer all cards in the main section. But you are unable to move cards more than one at a time from one solitaire pile to another according to its rules.

  • How to set up solitaire card games?

First of all, set up all tableau, the seven piles are placed in the center of the table. Make first pile and order all cards with face up and then move to the next other six piles. Now move to the second pile, just face up one card and follow five faces down cards in the other five piles. And move to the other piles with the same process. Repeat this process until seven piles.    

Bottom Line

So, get rid of the dust from the custom deck and take it out from your shelf. Invite your friends and family and be ready to play these fantastic card games over deck because fun time has started.